Antique & Collectors

If you like good antiques, vintage and collectables at wholesale prices, this is for you.

The Avondale antique and collectors market offers a fun, friendly and relaxed environment for all ages.

There is a huge range of different items at every market that include; Paintings, china, jewelry, toys, militeria, crystal, clothing, textile, carvings, kiwiana, future, vintage, retro and antique items.

There are so many different types of things to see, I’m sure there is something for every one.

So if you’re looking for something unique for yourself or a present for some one special, why not do the world a favour and give an antique a new life.

Check out our gallery and have a look at all the different things on offer.

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If you have antiques and you wish to have your antiques appraised or valued you can bring them along on Saturday and one of our experts will have a look and give you an idea of what the current market value of your items are.

90 Ash St, 2-48 Ash St, Avondale, Auckland 1026

T: (09) 528-791
M: (022) 157-2370